The power station of the future is your home

Instead of a few large power plants, numerous power generators will take over the power supply in the future. Make the most of all the present and future benefits that your self-consumption installation can provide you.

WattualBox - The brain of your self-consumption installation


How it works?

With your installation characteristics, the state of your battery and the weather forecast, your expected consumption and your electricity rate, an individualized algorithm will decide which is the best option.


Peak shaving

The battery can help you reduce power spikes and save on the fixed term of your bill

Smart light trading

Based on the electricity prices of your bill, the algorithm can decide to buy and store energy in cheap hours to consume it in expensive hours, therefore achieving maximum savings

Electricity market access

Wattual takes care of offering the aggregate capacity of the batteries of all users in the markets , obtaining additional benefits

Do you want to install WattualBox?

Easily install our device to benefit from our services

Our system is compatible with inverters of all providers. The installation does not involve works or changes

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What are the benefits of being part of the Wattual community?

Join the Wattual community to take advantage of all the economic advantages that exist

Technical advice

We advise you on the operation of your installation and on the decisions made by the control algorithm and the electricity rates that can benefit the most

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